Sunday, May 8, 2016


Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Today Is The Day Of Salvation

     Today is Mother's day, 05/08/2016, 10:24, am, and the celebration thereof, remembering the mother of all time, Mother Mary, the Holy Spirit's choice of  a woman's womb to birth her and Our Salvation into the world, God himself, taking on flesh, that though we're sin, yet shall we by Christ's Cross be blood redeemed.
     I'm not just guessing this, I know by Holy Spirit's deign, Jesus is on His way here, meaning for me, this primary thing is that all who will hear, especially my family get themselves to Jesus. There is only one prayer by which to do this, let me lead you accordingly, that once you pray this, and mean it by every breathe Elohim breathed into you, you are on your way to Glory, to Reign with Jesus Christ for an eternity'.

     Pray Here, Pray This: Dear God, the first thing we ask you for is the forgiveness of sin, for you have said in your Word, not only will you not hear us, or see us as long as we have sin, it is impossible for you too. Then Father we ask, that you forgive us for living our will apart from yours, mend us together as One. Now forgiven of sin, we ask you Jesus to come into our heart and mold it into yours. We ask you Holy Spirit to come into our spirit and design it, as you, the Holy Temple of God, we ask you Heavens Host to be with us, as with Jesus. It is in Jesus name and by His Blood we pray, we ask, we trust, thank you worthy Father, for redeeming us, Amen.